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Types Of Jewelry Boxes

1Keeping your jewelry safe and protected requires high quality storage. This is where quality jewelry boxes come in handy. These boxes play an important role in storing, protecting and organizing your jewelry. They are available in different types and sizes. In fact, there are some jewelry armoires that are large as much as your bedroom furniture.

What type of jewelry storage is best for you?

It will mostly depend on the size of your collection. If you have a large collection of precious metal and stones, you should consider a jewelry armoire, which is great for keeping your chains tangle-free. If you possess a large group of rings, the best option is a small box or chest to store them. This article highlights common types of jewelry boxes on the market.

Musical – These boxes are made of cardboard or pressboard. There are also expensive storage boxes that are made with wood or porcelain. These boxes are known as musical boxes because they play a music when you open it. These boxes are more popular with kids since they are used to store kids jewelry most of the time.

Wall – This jewelry storage equipment hangs on a wall similar to a medicine cabinet. There are hooks on the door so that you are able to hang necklaces on them. Shelves are available to store other precious items quite easily. This helps reduce clutter and provide a lot of space to store your precious items. The storage facility has a mirror placed at the eye level of the owner. These boxes are quite popular among most of the jewelry collectors.

Jewelry Roll – This is a carrying case that consists of a long pouch. The pouch lies flat on the case when it is opened. There are pockets made to store your precious items, stones, watches and other items. The items will be kept in place when the pouch is rolled into a tight cylinder position. There is a set of ties that protect your precious items. These cases can hold quite a few precious items, and could be used as a travel case too.

Travel Case – This is a small but durable piece of storage designed to protect your precious items while you are on the move. It is also referred to as a train case, and is very helpful in securing your precious items when you travel. They are made of leather or wood for durability and better protection.

Jewelry Armoire – These storage facilities come in different sizes, and resemble those used to store apparels. Some of these can be over three feet tall, and sit on the floor. There are some that sit on a dresser too. These are for people who have a large collection of jewelry to store. They are quite popular in most of the affluent households across the country.

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The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of jewelry boxes on the market. You can choose the best according to your requirement.